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Marcia Orton - one of the most amazing women we have ever met, as her children, we may be slightly biased, but you can ask anyone whose life Marcia has touched and they would agree.  Her smile would light up a room, her laughter would turn grey skies blue, and the love in her heart would warm the coldest day.

Marcia was a graduate of Ford City High School and remained in Ford City her entire life.  The community was her spirit and she strived to always make it amazing.  She married her high school sweetheart - Dave, and had 2 children - Gretchen & Jason.  We were both very involved in sports as we grew up and Marcia (and Dave) were our greatest cheerleaders; not only did they stand behind us, they stood behind our friends, our teams, our school.

Marcia was a florist by trade and made the step to open her own flower shop - Marcia's Garden.  Marcia's Garden was always the spot for beautiful flowers, perfect gifts, a hot cup of coffee and full of friends and stories.

In 2010 Marcia became a grandmother, and just when you think Marcia couldn't love something any more.... grandchildren came along and her heart was overflowing.  In the next 5 years to follow, she was blessed with 3 more grandchildren.

Marcia was diagnosed in February of 2015 with Stage 4 breast cancer that had metastasized to her spinal cord and brain.


At the time of diagnosis, she was given a life expectancy of 6 months. At that time, Marcia had 3 grandchildren that she was determined to fight for and ensure that they would not forget her as they were all very young.


Marcia battled the disease for over 4 years. Her last year of life was a battle with more bad days than good. However, she would muster up the energy and strength to make special memories with her family. These memories are now so special to her family but especially her grandchildren who frequently refer to these times.


With all that being said, two of Marcia's  passions in life were family and community. Our goal is to continue that legacy and help other families create special memories with their loved ones.

Marcia lived for her family and her community.  Everyday during her last 4+ years she struggled, but never let on, she remained strong for everyone in her life - and with that, everyone in her life gave her hope and strength.

We were blessed to have her as our mom.  We are blessed to have her fighting spirit driving us.  To carry on her passion for family and community; and to teach her grandchildren what their grandmother was all about, we will continue to fight her battle. 

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